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What are playscapes?
Playscapes are wool playlands and
imaginative dwellings for fairy folk, gnomes,
and a world of magical inhabitants!

Give the gift of story to your child.  Nourish
the imagination and empower through
***Safety and Construction of Playscapes;

I firmly needle-felt each component of the play-scapes by hand, spending many
hours to ensure durability and long-lasting fun for your child.

For extra security, I needle-felt each element (such as rocks, mushroom stems, etc..)
to the wool mat, then hand-stitch them, then layer more wool and needle-felt again.
 (The sewing stitches are hidden - you will not be able to see them.)   I build each
play-scape to withstand the attention of eager hands.  A child can push or pull on
an element and it will not break or be
pulled off the mat; ie, the mushroom top won't tear away from the stem and the
stem won't tear away from the mat.

The vertical pieces, such as mushroom stems, are thoroughly felted, but remain
flexible - this allows a child to push/pull or even sit on their playscape and the
elements will bounce back to their original state with gentle adjusting.  Wool has a
"memory" and when needle-felted into a certain shape/form, it strives to return to
that form.  (Some items, such as large stems or tree trunks, have a center core of
wire, with multiple layers of 'spongy' wool, and then outside layers of decorative
wool. )  The playmats are also flexible, allowing them to be gently rolled up when
not in use.

All of my needle felted toys are made with strict attention to detail to ensure
safety.  However, it may still be possible for a small child to tug, pull or gnaw off
pieces of wool if they are determined.  Some pieces of wool, especially curly locks,
can be fairly sizeable and thus, may pose a choking hazard, as can some of the
other fine detailing on these sets.

***For these safety reasons these toys are NOT RECOMMENDED FOR
About Playscapes...
   (general information)
All playscapes are truly one-of-a-kind.!

Though I produce similar designs with similar elements, due to the nature of
various wools and the simple act of creating with your hands, no two playscapes
will ever be identical.  I try to capture the look and feel of each design when
making your order but making exact copies is not possible
All playscapes  are "made-to-order", which means I begin construction at the time
of your order/payment. This allows me to customize colors, features, at No Extra

You can choose your favorite elements and we can combine them into one playset
perfect for the child or loved one you have in mind, or perhaps, yourself...!
My son, Cole >
What are playscapes?  

Soft playlands and imaginative dwellings for fairy folk, gnomes, animals, and a
world of magical inhabitants!!!  

Playscapes provide a conduit for ‘open-ended’, imaginative play that is directed
by the child; meaning that the toy can be played with in a variety of ways and
without a pre-defined course.  These are toys allow a child's imagination to fill in
the details, creating a world of their own that isn't defined by others.

Children in our society are used to manufactured toys that come with defined
purposes and instructions telling them what to do, as well as television and
movies that present someone else’s imagination and prevents them from
imagining their own images in a story.

Simple toys allow a child’s imagination to fill in the details to suit their mood
and allows them to change the characters as they wish.

Open-ended, child-directed, imaginative play builds creativity which in turn
gives our children the skills they will need in the future. Through this type of
play, children can learn to feel empowered and to have faith in themselves - to
believe they have the ability to create and accomplish anything they wish with
perseverance and hard work.  

Creativity gives us the ability to think of new and different solutions to
problems.  Allowing your child to explore and giving them the awareness that
they have choices, empowers them and teaches them that they are the masters of
their own lives as adults.  

***You will notice that the elements are simple in form, and that each playscape
mat has significant "free" space to give a child physical room to move their
characters about as they wish.  The idea is to provide a “jumping off point", a
canvas, ready for your own child's imagined details and individual stories.

     I believe each child’s world would be a wonder to see!
Dear parents,

I am a member of the Handmade Toy Alliance, an organization that supports
"small batch children's apparel, toy, and accessory makers" as well as the retail
outlets that support these cottage industries.

As you may or may not be aware, new laws were passed in August 2008 that
went into effect February 2009 to require 3rd party testing for lead in any
product meant for children age 12 and under.  A "stay" of the testing
requirement was enacted in February 2009 and again in December 2009 d/t
several issues of the law needing clarification.  

The CPSIA recognizes that natural products such as wool and unfinished wood,
along with other textiles, etc... are
inherently free of lead d/t their nature and
have been exempt of the lead testing requirement.

Further details are shown on this page of the CPSIA website;

Though 'finished' wool and fabric items don't require testing, I have certificates
and information from my suppliers indicating that the materials I use do not
pose any threat of lead.

Please feel comforted in that I would never knowingly expose a child to lead or
other toxic chemicals.

For more information on this topic, see