Learn how to make a wool doll beautiful for your
nature table display, yet sturdy enough for gentle play
and handling.  

We'll cover techniques for sculpting a sturdy inner,  
core body that will stand tall and not tip over.  You'll
learn how to create a female figure, how to "dress" her  
with a beautiful blend of wools, and how to make
poseable arms with simple hands.

We'll also cover methods of embellishing her with vines
using curly locks and fibers, and options for hair

This class offers "hands-on" construction and  
exploration of the "Maiden Doll" kit shown on the 'kits
& instructions' page.  

All materials will be provided.   (Approx 7" tall)
Needle Felting Classes!
Sage Dream Design
Come felt a bouquet of flowers!  This class will focus on the
very basics and the 'hows and whys' of needle felting.

You’ll walk away with 5 types of simple flowers which you can
then use to embellish garments, bags, or turn into a brooch!

You’ll get to experiment with different types of wool fibers and
felting needles to help you learn about the craft.
$28.00 -
All materials will be provided.
Classes are offered at either my studio space;

6053 Hudson Road #190 in Woodbury, MN 55125
I'll come to your meeting place!  If you're part of an organization
or want to gather a group of similarly interested friends, contact

Come learn and create - be surrounded by wool fibers and play!  
Enjoy the creative energy of others!  

My goal is to teach you techniques and skills that you can master
and transfer your own creative projects.   I believe in creative

The cost listed for each class includes all supplies.  I'll have
additional wools, needles, and tools available for purchase.
(discounted at 20% if you purchase them the same day as your

Children ages 12 and up are welcome in adult classes!

If you have a group of younger children who want to learn needle
felting and you think they have the ability to focus, contact me
and we'll set up a separate class or make and take time!
Email or call me to register!

I request 50% payment at the time of registration for new students - credit card, paypal,
or personal check is fine - remaining fee due at class time.  

If you need to cancel, please do so prior to 7 days before class begins and I'll refund your
fee.  (If you cancel within 7 days, we'll apply it to a future class or felting supplies.)
"Mushroom Forest" Playscape
You'll learn the basics of 3 dimensional needle felting
while first learning how to needle felt a base playmat.
 Learn other skills as you build onto your design
while adding the elements of a cave, mushrooms,
stones, river, and a campfire.   

We'll use the Mushroom Forest Playscape kit as a
'jumping off point'.  You'll have the opportunity to
engage your own creativity and add additional
elements of your choice as well, such as a fairy
garden, pathway, bug friends, etc....

This class offers "hands-on" construction and
exploration of  the "Mushroom Forest" kit shown on
'kits & instructions' page.  

$66.00 -
All materials will be provided.  (The playmat
measures approx 12 x 15".)
Spring Bouquet
Make a captivating, magical fairy doll with poseable arms and
colorful wings.  

You'll learn how to make an inner doll base, how to wrap wire
with wool to create arms and simple hands, and how to dress your
doll in a beautiful outer layer of wool.   This doll is a little
smaller than the Wool Maiden (below) and will include
instruction for making wings.

$40.00 -
All materials will be provided.   Feel welcome to bring
any beads, foil, or special items to incorporate into your wings.  
Magical Fairy Doll
"Tree of Life" Centerpiece
Root Child Baby
"Gnome House "
Title;                 Approx Length     Skill level       Cost         Next Scheduled

"Spring Bouquet"
          3 hours           1            $28.00   

"Toadstool Pin Cushion"  3 hours         1     -      $28.00 9/16 or 9/30 6p to 9p

"Root Baby"                   3 hours           1            $28.00  9/23 or 10/7 6p-to 9p

"Fairy Doll"              4 to 5 hours  -      1           $40.00   

"Wool Maiden"          5-to 6 hours         1           $48.00            9/28 9a-to 3p  

"Mushroom Forest"       8 hours            1            $66.00           10/12 9a to 5p

"Fairy Meadowlands"    8 hours            2            $66.00          10/12 9a to 5p

"Tree of Life"                8 hours            3            $66.00       -

"Gnome House"             7 hours            3            $62.00-         10/26 9a to 4p

"Royal Wizard"             7 hours            4            $62.00        
Skill Level;

1  =  Absolute Beginners
2  =  Adventureous beginners!
3  =  Some experience 'helpful',
but not required   
4  =  Intermediate
Current Classes Offered;
This class covers the basics of needle felting while you
create your own little "Root Baby" from Romney wool.

Your baby will be complete with her own cradle, lined with
soft and colorful curly wool locks!

$28.00 -
All materials will be provided.  Size of baby is
between 2 and 3" long, cradle about 4" long.
Wool Maiden
"Fairy Meadowlands" Playscape
of 3 dimensional needle felting, but with this
class, you'll also learn how to incorporate 'hills'
and 'valleys' into your play mat.

Come learn how to felt a basic house structure, as
well as how to make mushrooms, stones, a lazy
river, campfire, and a swing set!

This class offers "hands-on" construction and
exploration of  the "Fairy Meadowland" kit shown
on 'kits & instructions' page.  
(Beginners are welcome, but a little experience
can be helpful.)

All materials will be provided.  (The
playmat measures approx 12 x 15")
In this class you'll learn how to construct a sturdy, realistic
tree using only wool and wire.   Create an armature of
poseable woolen branches, then fill them in with fluffy,
green wools.

You'll learn how to create braided, textural bark using
different brown wools and a simple chopstick.

We'll cover how to decorate your tree with trailing vines
made from wool, curly locks, and yarns - creating a colorful
centerpiece for display.   

This class offers "hands-on" construction and exploration of
the "Tree of Life" kit shown on 'kits & instructions' page.

All materials provided.  Mat measures approx 12"
diameter and the tree of approx 7-9" tall.
Join us and create a cozy little gnome house!

The focus of this class is on learning how to needle felt over a
form, creating a hollow structure that once felted, will never

We'll cover how to add windows, a chimney, and a functional

We'll also felt a mini mat to place your house on - you can add
your own little fairy ring or mushroom.

All materials will be provided.
"Royal Wizard"  Doll
Learn how to make a standing figure with a flowing
robe, beautiful for display.

We'll needle felt a solid, inner body core as with the
Maiden shown above, but this class focuses on how to
work with finer wools such as Merino to create a
luscious, rich, and fluid outer robe - elegant dress for
a stately wizard!

This class is "hands-on" construction of the "Royal
Wizard" kit shown on the 'kits & instructions' page.

All materials will be provided.  Approx 7-8" tall
with hat.  
Toadstool Pin Cushion
Make a decorative, but functional pin cushion.  You'll
learn the basics of 3 dimensional sculpting; how to make
a solid inner core, how to felt smooth and firm, and how
to ensure it stands tall and sturdy, without tipping over.

$28.00 - All materials will be provided.  Size of pin
cushion is approx 6" tall.