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Welcome to Minnesota!

We have cold temperatures and snow in the Winter; allowing for time to rest
and rejuvenate.  We  have lush, cleansing Springs; a time for renewal,
new life, and beginnings.  We have hot and playful Summers, and then crisp and
gracious Falls; a time to contemplate, collect ourselves, and prepare for
I am an artist and have been creating figurative, fiber sculpture and "art dolls" for the
last eleven years.  However, ever since I was a young girl I loved working with my hands
and sought to teach myself the skills of handwork/needlework and any other "arts &
crafts" I could discover.  I was fascinated by the ability to form and create objects.

I "discovered" wool about 7 years ago and was repeatedly drawn to it's texture, warmth,
and comforting nature.  I began gathering wool and bringing it home, though at the
time I didn't have a clue as to what I was going to do with it.  After about two years of
this behavior and much wool swelling in my closet, I found my answer;  Playscapes,
Critters, Dolls, and Toys!

(It took me a while to figure it out, but I've learned that things happen that way -
sometimes you feel you must act before the purpose of your actions become clear...)

I love nature and all things "magical" - what we see and hear, but mostly all that we
can't see or physically touch with our hands, but are able to feel...perhaps when the
breeze blows "just right" and you sense the kiss of nature.... or, when the sun rises and
you're in awe of the quiet grandeur.... or, when you find yourself lightly dancing along
with the rhythmic ripples of a lazy, winding river.

My Purpose;

I am a mother of two children, ages 13 & 16; my daughter, Willow,, and my son Cole.
Since they were babies, I found myself frustrated in the search for simpler, "traditional"
manipulative skills, taught the ability to validate the range of human emotions, or
allowed for untethered imagination.

My intent for children is to create items that embody the above qualities, as well as
affirm the value of life while fostering creativity in the approach to daily tasks.

Achieving this is not difficult.  I believe the simplest toys, which require the most in
participation of a child's energy and imagination, provide the most benefit.  

Children will learn to feel empowered and have faith in themselves - to believe they
have the ability to create and accomplish anything they wish (with perseverance and
hard work, of course)!

They will also know they have immense intrinsic value and purpose, irregardless of
their accomplishments.  If they sit in the woods or perhaps by a pond 'doing absolutely
nothing'...., it is still "enough".

The simple act of being alive and having awareness in the moment, as well as the ability
to honor ourselves and the nature around us, is
of value, in and of itself.

I also wish to create (for children and adults) a temporary "retreat", a safe shelter, a
nurturing haven;  a place to which we can turn our minds toward, allowing us to forget
the pressures of life and feel some comfort and joy.

Let's play and dream together!

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.  I enjoy feedback, completing
custom orders, and I love new ideas.  I truly believe
imagination has no limits!

Blessings in your day,  Amy
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