Sage Dream Design
All  playscapes are made to order and are generally ready 10-14
days after receipt of payment.

All playscapes are truly one-of-a-kind!  Though I reproduce the
designs shown below, the use of various wools and the simple act
of creating with your hands means that no two playscapes will
ever be identical.  I try to capture the look and feel of each
design when making your order but making exact copies is not

Playscapes are available in the following sizes;

- Mats will measure approximately 22" x 15" and come
with appropriately sized features. The scale of these will be
appropriate for 2 1/2" - 4" gnomes, dolls, and animals.  (If you
have ordered from me prior, this is the s
ize playscape you
would have received.)

"Regular" - Mats will measure approximately 15" x 11" with
appropriately sized features and are scaled for gnomes and dolls
up to 2 1/2" - 3" in height.

"Mini" - Mats will measure approximately 12" x 9" and will
accommodate 1 1/2" - 2" dolls and gnomes.  
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"Pumpkin House"

A little family has turned this pumpkin into a
cozy home - complete with a functioning door
that opens and closes and two windows to peek

This playscape also features a wishing well and
a bucket from which to draw water, an evergreen
tree, a tire swing, lazy creek, and a fairy ring!

The playmat includes ample open space in front
for freedom to play.

"Mini" - $96
"Regular" - $144
"Jumbo" - $195
"Apple House"

Similar to the "Pumpkin House" playscape
shown above, but with a red, ripe, juicy apple
house - two windows and a functioning door that
opens and closes.

This playscape has similar elements of the
"Pumpkin House", including a tall evergreen
tree, a swingset (or tireswing), a wishing well
complete with bucket, a lazy stream, and a fairy

"Mini" - $96
"Regular" - $144
"Jumbo" - $195

"Gnome Homestead"

Welcome home!
A cave has been fashioned into a cozy home
and the industrious resident has planted his
own vegetable garden!

The house is roomy inside for a whole family
of gnomes, fairies, and their friends. There's
a side window to peek through and a
chimney through the rooftop completes the
rustic feel.

The lush, curly wool locks on the roof make
a soft and wonderful place to lounge and
play. (You choose your color; green, blue,
white, or copper (shown).)

This playscape features a private pond, a
basket of vegetables, and a 'hoe' to tend the
garden with.

"Mini" - $90
"Regular" - $138
"Jumbo" - $180
"Treehouse Party Pavillion"    

This is a tree-house in the literal sense.
At the base of this stately tree is a lovely little
cottage home with curly green wool lining it's
entrance - this home is complete with a rooftop
patio and is ideal for parties or gatherings with

Features a stepping stone walkway and steps
that lead up to the rooftop patio. Flowery vines
grow up the side of the tree and two little ducks
swim nearby on the pond.

The permanent leaves on the tree feature a
removable bird’s nest with tiny little bluebird
eggs in it.  And the branches at the top of the
tree are made of  bendable wire (nicely covered
in wool, of course) allowing the woolen “leaves”
of the tree to be arranged according to your
child’s whims.  To create the airy, light look of
the tree leaves the wool has only been lightly
felted.  Thus, this set is more appropriate for
an older child who can play very gently in the

"Mini" - $96
"Regular" - $144
"Jumbo" - $195
"Country Living" Playscapes
***Retail Customers; Playscapes include two  
Choose from 'homy gnomies' or 'bendy' style.
(wholesale customers please inquire)
See "How to order"
page for details.
Comes with a
basket of picked
vegetables and a felt hoe
for industrious farming!

A freestanding gnome house perched on it's own
'mini mat' - complete with a window, chimney,
and a swinging door!  

Available in any color - imagine a red apple, a
blueberry, pumpkin, plum, or peach or email me
with your color choice.

Add some fairies or gnomes from the
Inhabitants page!

Small = 3" plus tall
Large =
5" plus tall - (this size easily
accomodates an entire "Homy Gnomy Family" -
see photo below!

(Use 'add to cart' button through the shopping cart, then
email me with any special requests after you submit your
***Please read my announcement regarding
playscapes on the home page!