Sage Dream Design
"Fun & Play" Playscapes
All  playscapes are made to order and are generally ready
to ship 10-14 days after receipt of payment.

All playscapes are truly one-of-a-kind!  Though I
reproduce the designs listed below, the nature of various
wools and the simple act of creating with your hands
means that no two playscapes will ever be identical.  I try
to capture the look and feel of each design when making
your order but making exact copies is not possible.

Playscapes are available in the following sizes;

- Mats will measure approximately 22" x 15"
and come with appropriately sized features. The scale of
these will be appropriate for 2 1/2" - 4" gnomes, dolls, and
animals.  (If you have ordered from me prior, this is the
ize playscape you would have received.)

"Regular" - Mats will measure approximately 15" x 11"
with appropriately sized features and are scaled for
gnomes and dolls up to 2 1/2" - 3" in height.

"Mini" - Mats will measure approximately 12" x 9" and
will accommodate 1 1/2" - 2" dolls and gnomes.  
***Retail Customers; Playscapes include two
gnomes of your choice, approximately 2-21/2"
tall.  Choose from 'homy gnomies' or 'bendy' style.
(wholesale customers please inquire)
< Homy Gnomies
Bendy Gnomes >
"Summer Dreamland"
Come vacation at the lake!
Take a boat ride, go fishing, camp
overnight, and roast marshmellows over
the fire!

This playscape features evergreen
trees, a sewn felt tent, a leaf sailboat,
fishing pole (looks like he caught one
support beams - a perfect place for
fishing or enjoying the cool breeze!

Swim and play in the lake lined with
bushes and stone, then get warm and
snuggly by the campfire.  
A dragonfly might even come to visit!

"Mini" - $96
"Regular" - $120
"Jumbo" - $160
< Rear view
(behind bridge)
Two happy gnomes
in a tent!  >
"Island Lagoon"

Here’s a perfect cozy grotto for a pair of
their own blue lagoon lined with bushes
and stones.  A small cave functions as
their hide-away while they relax on a
Also features a sturdy, sewn wool felt
canoe with which they can explore their
small paradise!

"Mini" - $78
"Regular" - $128
"Jumbo" - $156
<  (Side view of cave)
***Please read my announcement regarding
playscapes on the home page!