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Magical Inhabitants
Playscape Friends
Below are a few descriptions and some example photos for my
Magical Inhabitants & Playscape Friends..

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"Earth Children" $15.00

Approx 2 1/2 -3" in size

"Earth Children" are waldorf-inspired and function as
nature's helpers - they tend the flowers,  plants, animals,
and bugs that live in their world.

They have wooden beads for heads, cotton floss wrapped
wire arms and legs, wool hair, acorn cap hats, and clothing
made of wool felt with embroidered accents.
"Meadow Fairies" $15.00

Approx 2 1/2-3" in size
"Meadow Fairies" are air spirits.
They maintain harmony amongst
the fairies and flying critters.

Their song is heard in the breeze
and if you listen carefully, you'll
hear them whispering.

They have wooden beads for heads
and hands,  wool hair, embroidered
wool felt clothing and cap.  
Their legs are tucked inside their
outfit and they have tulle wings
fastened to their back.
"Homy Gnomies"
Mini $7.25
Regular $9.00

Available in mini & reg sizes, 2 1/4" and 3 1/2"

Simple, traditional Waldorf style gnomes made
of wool, wool felt, and accented with simple

I envision them as the wise storykeepers that
live in the trees, caves, and crevices of the
stony ground.
"Forest Folk" $15.00

Approx 2 1/2 -3" tall

"Forest Folk" maintain harmony of the forest
floor, critters, and other earthbound wee folk.  

They are weighted with sand so that they stand
up easily without tipping.

wooden beads for head, wrapped hands, wool for
hair, and embroidered wool felt for outfits and
"Flutterbye Fairies"

Large - $22.00
Medium - $18.00
Mini - $15.00

The flowers loved the butterflies so much,
that they evolved and took to the air!  

They rose up into the heavens and learned
how to fly and dance in the wind.

They vowed to become not only the
"Guardians of the butterflies", but their
forever friends.

Flutterbyes have felt wings with crocheted
cotton lace edging that represent the flowers
they once were. Their butterfly bodies are
made of wool felt dyed to match their flower
Animals and Bug Friends
 $4.50 each

You can also purchase a ladybug,
bumblebee, butterfly, dragonfly, 2
caterpillars, duck, rabbit, or bird for
4.50 each!
Large >
4" x 5"

(Bottom wings
are curled over
the front.)
4" x 4"
Mini  >
3" x 3"
(back >)
Make your own "Homy Gnomies"!!!

2 Regular size gnomes or 3 mini-gnomes - $12.50

Supplies included;
- felt fabric;
-  3x 3 1/2" piece for each larger gnome
-  2x 2 1/2" piece for each mini gnome
- embroidery floss, sewing needle
- small wood base/stands (optional use)
- small foam pad
- 40 gauge felting needle                                         
- wool roving;
- 'core wool'/off-white -  1/6 ounce
-  body color - 1/10 ounce
-  flesh color - tiny tuft        
-  hair/beard color - tiny tufts
< "Homy Gnomy Family" - $22.00

Mom, Dad, and Baby with cradle!  
Email me your color preferences...
(approx 3 1/2" tall with 1" baby).

This family is the perfect size for the
6" "Gnome Home" shown at the bottom
of the
"Country Living Playscapes"
kit options;
Email me with your color choices -
brights, pastel, earthy colors, etc...

If you've never needle felted before
and want a copy of the
"Needlefelting Primer" that's
provided in all the needle felting
kits, let me know and I'll add it free
of charge!
**New** - Patterns for "Earth Children",
Meadow Fairies", and "Forest Folk"  are
available now - see bottom of page to order!
***Order patterns/instructions
for "
Earth Children", "Meadow
", and "Forest Folk" here >