Sage Dream Design
"Nature's Dwellings" Playscapes
All  playscapes are made to order and are generally ready
to ship about 10 - 14 days after receipt of payment.  

All playscapes are truly one-of-a-kind!  Though I reproduce
the designs shown below, the use of various wools and the
simple act of creating with your hands means that no two
playscapes will ever be identical.  I try to capture the look
and feel of each design when making your order but making
exact copies is not possible.

Playscapes are available in the following sizes;

- Mats will measure approximately 22" x 15" and
come with appropriately sized features. The scale of these
will be appropriate for 2 1/2" - 4" gnomes, dolls, and
animals.  (If you have ordered from me prior, this is the
ize playscape you would have received.)

"Regular" - Mats will measure approximately 15" x 11"
with appropriately sized features and are scaled for gnomes
and dolls up to 2 1/2" - 3" in height.

"Mini" - Mats will measure approximately 12" x 9" and will
accommodate 1 1/2" - 2" dolls and gnomes.  
***Retail Customers;  Playscapes include two
gnomes of your choice, approximately 2-21/2"
Choose from 'homy gnomies' or 'bendy' style.
(Wholesale customers please inquire)
< Homy Gnomies
Bendy Gnomes >
"Mushroom Fantasy Look-out"        

A truly fun-gal experience!  This giant
mushroom features an outcropping of stem at
it's base that a crafty gnome has smartly
transformed into a cozy home with two rooms
large enough for her family to inhabit.

Features two perches for which to play or take
a quick cat nap.

The surrounding area includes a long and lazy
river that flows from the front of the land to
the back and again to the front - complete with
stones, foliage,  and an array of mushrooms
that colors their world.

Notice the stone steps placed between the two
rooms that lead the family up to their rooftop

Your choice of either "Autumn Gold" or
"Cranberry Red" for the large mushroom top.

"Mini" - $90
"Regular" - $138
"Jumbo" - $180
"Secret Passage"

This playscape features two separate
caves joined together by a passageway
for secret visits.

The largest cave is roomy enough for
an entire neighborhood of critters,
fairies, or gnomes to inhabit!
Also includes both a side and rear
entrance for more freedom in play and
happy travels!

Could the smaller cave serve as a guest
cottage or a cozy hide-out?       

The landscape is ripe with patches of
grass, a pond, mushrooms, and a
flowing river.  Also includes a portable
campfire.  You may substitute a fairy
ring or garden patch where you see the

"Mini" - $96
"Regular" - $144
"Jumbo" - $195
Right Side View >
"Secret" Rear Entrance
"Fresh Spring Cave"

This playland includes a cave shelter and
abode tucked under a hillside with a fresh
water spring spilling into the creek below.
An old tree stump persists in front of the
cave - a perfect place to play!  

Also features a portable campfire for your
gnomes to warm themselves by.

Choose red or gold for your mushroom cap.

"Mini" - $78
"Regular" - $128
"Jumbo: - $156

Rear View >
"Beneath the Sheltering Mushroom"

Another forest floor playscape that features a
sturdy, towering mushroom which protects it's
residents from the wind and rain.  Large white
mushroom top.  The large stem is extremely
sturdy and able to support a tire swing located
beneath the 'shroom for loads of fun!

There is one little cave home and 2 little
'cozyspots' for playing or resting.
Includes two hills, one located in the back and
one on the left side supporting a portion of the
mushroom top.  

This playscape also features a flowing river,  
and a portable campfire to roast marshmellows

"Mini" - $96
"Regular" - $144
"Jumbo" - $195
"Where the Root Children Sleep"

A forest tree playhouse!

This home is constructed completely from
wool with a felt foundation - no hidden
armatures or wire!

Weighing in at over one pound, the structure
is soft and flexible, yet sturdy enough to hold
up to all sorts of active play.

***Notice the lush, deeply textured bark of
this ancient tree!

The inside of the trunk is the perfect place for
root children and gnomes to sleep away the
long winter.  Includes a portable campfire.

When all are awake, it’s a wonderful dwelling
and hide-away to gather and play!
The surrounding mat offers space for free

Features a second door in the back and a
removable roof patio that allows easy access
to the living quarters below!

Attached to the front entrance with hemp
string is a bottle of "dream dust" to endow
everyone who enters with good dreams and
happy thoughts!

"Mini" - $120
"Regular" - $180    
"Jumbo" - $240
***Wool is naturally fire resistant - you
can put a small nightlight bulb inside
your tree trunk to illuminate the dark
nights!                                            >
This playscape is basically a large play house! Approx size,
NOT including the removable top;

"Mini" stump - approx 7" diameter & 6" tall (mat is 10" diameter)
"Regular" stump - approx 9" diameter & 8" tall (mat is 13" diameter)
"Jumbo" stump - approx 12" diameter & 10" tall (mat is 18" diameter)
***Please read my announcement regarding
playscapes on the home page!