Sage Dream Design
Playscape Accessories
See "How to order" page.
***Add to the Fun!!!
Below are items that can be added to any playscape
for a small additional cost.

All accessories will be appropriately scaled to size
depending on your order.

Please look at the description of the playscape you
have chosen ~ it may already feature one of the
accessories below!

(These items are offered to retail customers as 'add-ons'
when purchasing playscapes.  Please don't purchase these
items unless you're also purchasing a playscape or the
"Fairy Tale Tree".  If you'd like an item shown below,but
don't want to purchase a playscape, give me a call!)
"Swing Set"/"Tire Swing" $5

Add a swing to your playscape!

Choose from either a freestanding bench
swing or a freestanding tire swing.  The
support is made from wool and fiber
covered wire and the wooden seats are
painted with a non toxic acrylic paint.
"Campfire" $5

A soft portable campfire made of
wool to keep your critters warm
"Camping Tent"  $10

This portable tent is made from 2 layers of
wool blend felt securely stitched together
with embroidery thread.  Open ended on
each side to allow for easy access when
playing.  Your choice of color!

(If sized to a regular or jumbo playscape,
the tent is roomy enough for two happy

(The tent sides have cardboard inside them for
structure, but the bottom of the tent is without
for ease in folding it to put away.)
"Leaf Boat" $7

What a clever gnome!  He's made a boat
from a fallen leaf and added a sail in
hopes of catching a breeze!
"Fairy Ring" or
"Vegetable Garden $4

Add a fairy ring or garden to your
playscape - invite the fairies to visit
and dance.

These flowers are felted directly
onto your playmat - your choice of
color palette!
"Wishing Well" $8

A wishing well!  Made of felted wool with wool
covered wire for the support beams.  Includes a
movable wooden bucket painted with non-toxic
acrylic craft paint.

(This can be attached to your playmat or made as
a removable item - your choice.)
"Hopscotch" $2

A portable hopscotch pad made out of thick
felt and marked permanently with white
paint.  A classic game!
"Sand Box" $3

Add a sandbox to your play mat!
Made of paper cardstock, non-toxic children's
modeling clay, and real sand, it is portable and
"Canoe/Kayak" $6

Hand stitched from wool blend felt,
this kayak will hold an adventurous
"Dream Dust" $2

A miniature glass bottle filled with
"magic dust" to inspire wonderful
dreams and happy wishes.  The top of
the jar is sealed with wax so the
glitter won't stray.  Your choice of
(1 1/4" tall)
"Bamboo Ladder" $8

A ladder made of bamboo beads and hemp string -
permanently attached to one of the taller elements
on your playscape.  

"Hello down there!" Makes a great manipulative
and interactive element.
"Nap Bag" $5 each or
2 for $8

Each little sleeping bag is made
from wool felt and hand stitched.  
The bendy size gnomes fit just
right! Your choice of colors.
"Hammock" $8

This portable hammock is self-supporting
with a wool covered wire frame and is hand
crocheted from cotton thread.
***For safety reasons these items are NOT
Swing style;
"Gnome Lake" - $16

A private lake for a gnome or add as an accessory
to another playscape.

Comes with a leaf boat for lazing about and a
fishing pole complete with a fish already on the

Pond measures approx. 6-7" wide.