Felted Wool Play-Lands!
Original designs not found anywhere else!

I firmly needle-felt each component of the play-scapes by hand,
spending many hours to ensure durability and long-lasting fun
for your child.

For extra security, I needle-felt each element (such as rocks,
mushroom stems, etc..) to the wool mat, then hand-stitch them,
then layer more wool and needle-felt again.  (The sewing
stitches are hidden - you will not be able to see them.)   I build
each play-scape to withstand the attention of eager hands.  A
child can push or pull on an element and it will not break or be
pulled off the mat; ie, the mushroom top won't tear away from
the stem and the stem won't tear away from the mat.

The vertical pieces, such as mushroom stems, are thoroughly
felted, but remain flexible - this allows a child to push/pull or
even sit on their playscape and the elements will bounce back
to their original state with gentle adjusting.  Wool has a
"memory" and when needle-felted into a certain shape/form, it
strives to return to that form.  (Some items, such as large stems
or tree trunks, have a center core of wire, with multiple layers
of 'spongy' wool, and then outside layers of decorative wool. )
The playmats are also flexible, allowing them to be gently
rolled up when not in use.

All of my needle felted toys are made with strict attention to
detail to ensure safety.  However, it may still be possible for a
small child to tug, pull or gnaw off pieces of wool if they are
determined.  Some pieces of wool, especially curly locks, can be
fairly sizeable and thus, may pose a choking hazard, as can
some of the other fine detailing on these sets.  For these safety
reasons these toys are
*** For Retail Customers;  All  playscapes are made to order and are generally ready to
ship about 10 - 14 days after receipt of payment.  Click on
"How to Order."

All of them are truly one-of-a-kind.  Though I reproduce the designs listed below, due to
the nature of various wools and the simple act of creating with your hands, no two
playscapes will ever be identical.  I try to capture the look and feel of each design when
making your order but making exact copies is not possible.

Playscapes include two gnomes of your choice, approximately 2-21/2" tall.  Choose from
'homy gnomies' style or 'bendy' style.
"Family Homestead"   $130

This sweet playland features a tall
roomy house suitable for gnomes or
fairy folk.  There's a fully functional
swingset for lots of outdoor fun.  
Their landscape includes a river
flowing through for easy fishing and
a portable campfire - to be brought
indoors for cold winters or used
outdoors for summer cookouts.  

This landscape is unique with its
bucolic rolling hills and bits of rocky
ground poking through - like an Irish
Seaside or a Peaceful Prarie?

House stands 6" tall.

"Gnome House Playscape"    $140

Welcome home!

A cave has been fashioned into a cozy
home and the industrious resident has
planted his own vegetable garden!  The
house is roomy inside for a whole family
of gnomes, fairies, and their friends.

There's a side window to peek through
and a chimney through the rooftop
completes the rustic feel.

The lush, curly wool locks on the roof
make a soft and wonderful place to
lounge and play. Playmat includes a
private pond with stones and
mushrooms, and a portable campfire.

Cave house stands 6-7" tall and 6" wide.
*** "Mini Cavescape"  $75

This mini playland includes a cave
hideaway tucked under a hillside
featuring fresh water spring spilling into
the creek below, and an old tree stump on
which to play!  Also includes a portable
campfire for the gnomes to warm
themselves by.

Choose red or tan for your mushroom cap!

Cave stands 3-31/2" tall.
Secret rear exit!
"Where the Root Children Sleep"    

A forest tree playhouse!

This home is constructed completely from
wool with a felt foundation - no hidden
armatures or wire!

Weighing in at over one pound, the
structure is soft and flexible, yet sturdy
enough to hold up to all sorts of active play.
*** Notice the lush, deeply textured bark of
this ancient tree!

The inside of the trunk is the perfect place
for root children and gnomes to sleep away
the long winter.  When all are awake, it’s a
wonderful dwelling and hide-away to gather
and play! The main entrance is tall enough
to allow visitors of all sizes to come and go
freely as they join in the fun.

The surrounding mat offers space for free
play. Features a second door in the back
and a removable roof patio that allows easy
access to the living quarters below!

Tree stump measures 12-14" tall and about
12-13" across/circumference.
"Secret Passage Playscape" $150

This playscape features two separate
caves joined together by a passageway
for secret visits.
The largest cave is roomy enough for
an entire neighborhood of critters,
fairies, or gnomes to inhabit!  Also
includes both a side and rear entrance
for more freedom in play and happy
travels! Could the smaller cave serve
as a guest cottage or a cozy hide-out?     

The landscape is ripe with patches of
grass, a pond, mushrooms, and a
flowing river.  Also includes a portable

Perfect for your dinosaur-loving child
because it features an extra large play
mat and super-size caves! This
playscape will also work well with 4-5"  
doll-house size dolls!
"Mushroom FantasyLook-out"     

A truly fun-gal experience!  This giant
mushroom features an outcropping of  
stem at its base that a crafty gnome has
smartly transformed into a cozy home
with two rooms large enough for her
family to inhabit.

The main stem also features two
look-out perches for which to play or
take a quick cat nap.

The surrounding area includes a long
and lazy river that flows from the front
of the land to the back and again to the
front - complete with stones, foliage,  
and an array of mushrooms that colors
their world.

Notice the stone steps placed between
the two rooms that lead the family up to
their rooftop patio.

Mushroom stands approximately 11"
tall.  Your choice - tan or red large
mushroom top.
Sage Dream Design
'bendy' gnomes  >            
< 'homy gnomies'
"Among the Lillies"    $130

Gnomes and fairies playing in the lily
patch - no worries or cares today!

Many hiding places - play hide-and-seek.  
Play "King of the hill" on the side hill  
(featuring a mushroom for a flag) and
climb among the lillies... Take a
refreshing rest with the two "nap bags"

Playscape features a flowing river, stones,
and a resident bumble - bee.  Also
includes a swingset and a portable
sandbox and hopskotch pad.
For Retail Customers;
(Rear view)
"Summer Dreamland"   $150

Come vacation at the lake! Take a
boat ride, go fishing, camp overnight,
and roast marshmellows over the fire!

This playscape features evergreen
trees, a sewn felt tent, a leaf sailboat,
fishing pole (looks like he caught one
already), and a bridge with sturdy
support beams - a perfect place for
fishing or enjoying the cool breeze!

Swim and play in the lake lined with
bushes and stone, then get warm and
snuggly by the campfire.  
A dragonfly might even come to visit!
"The Sheltering Mushroom"  

Another forest floor playscape that
features a sturdy, towering mushroom
which protects it's residents from the wind
and rain.  Large white spots and a friendly
ladybug reside on the mushroom top.  The
large stem is extremely sturdy and able to
support a tire swing located beneath the
'shroom for loads of fun!

There is one little cave home and 2 little
'cozyspots' for playing or resting.
Includes two hills, one located in the back
and one on the left side supporting a
portion of the mushroom top.  

This playscape also features a flowing
river,  and a portable campfire to roast
marshmellows with!  

You can add a portable hammock for an
additional $10. (Crocheted and supported
by wire wrapped in wool.)
"Fallen Branch"      $150

A branch has fallen from a nearby
tree creating a perfect home on the
forest floor!

Features 4 separate entrances to
this secret home within the branch;
one entrance at each end,
at the rear knot hole,
and at the front "cozy".

Also include an extra leaf cozy in
the front for relaxation or play.

Other elements include a deep blue
river and an extra large mushroom
with an attached ladder made of
hemp and bamboo beads - a safe way
for your inhabitants to climb to the
top of their 'shroom to perch and
keep a look-out!
Rear view      >           
Knot hole serves as a
secret entrance in the
Side entrances at
each end of the

A little leaf
creates a 2nd
shelter shown
Happy boating!
< (Rear View)    
Removable Mushroom Patio!
More room for play!
Play "hide-n-seek"!
(Mushroom top
 from the rear)
*** For ordering info,
click on "How To Order"
"Pumpkin House Playscape" $160

A little family has turned this pumpkin into a
cozy home - complete with a functioning door
that opens and closes and windows to peek

This playscape also features a wishing well
from which to draw water, an evergreen tree,
tire swing, lazy creek, and a fairy ring!
Playmat includes ample open space in front
for freedom to play.

The house stands approx 5-6" tall.
* This playscape is also
available as an "Apple House"
with the same elements!

Though not obvious from the photos, these playscapes are scaled down in size -
the mat and elements are about 60-70% of the size of their larger counterparts.  
Detail and quality remain the same, they're just smaller. Due to decreased
quantity of materials and time involved, they are thus, less expensive. Many of
us love "small" and miniature is even better!

They come with appropriately scaled-to-size accessories and two wool "homy
gnomies" in your choice of colors!  

If you see a "regular" sized playscape that you'd like created in smaller
proportions, let me know. I'll be happy to accommodate and can give you a price
***"Mini Island Lagoon" - $75

Here’s a perfect cozy grotto for a pair
of mini-gnomes located on an island
with it's own blue lagoon lined with
bushes and stones.

A small cave functions as their hide-
away while they also relax on their
hand-crocheted hammock.

Also features a sturdy, sewn wool felt
canoe with which they can explore
their small paradise!

Comes with two "homy gnomes" in
your choice of colors!
Hello all!
"A Day At The Lake" - $36

A private lake for this gnome or add
as an accessory to another
playscape. He comes with his very
own leaf boat for lazing about and a
fishing pole with a caught fish to
keep his fruits for the day. Includes
a bendy gnome, color may vary.

Pond measures approx. 6-7" wide.
"Treehouse Party

This is a tree-house in the literal
sense.  At the base of this stately
tree is a lovely little cottage home
complete with a rooftop patio ideal
for parties or gatherings with

Features a stepping stone walkway
and steps that lead up to the
rooftop patio. Flowery vines grow
up the side of the tree and two
little ducks swim nearby on the

The permanent leaves on the tree
feature a removable bird’s nest
with tiny little bluebird eggs in it.  
And the branches at the top of the
tree are made of  bendable wire
(nicely covered in wool, of course)
allowing the woolen “leaves” of the
tree to be arranged according to
your child’s whims.  

To create the airy, light look of the
tree leaves the wool has only been
lightly felted.  Thus, this set is
more appropriate for an older child
who can play very gently in the
Side view  >