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Needle felting is a relatively new craft but has
caught on like wild fire.  It’s easy, fun and
inexpensive.  Oh, and possibly addicting.

If you’re a novice who has never needle felted
before, I recommend buying one of the kits listed
on the
"Kits" page.  The kits come with everything
you need to get started and you won’t have to
worry about missing supplies!
***Romney Wool is great for needle felting, as it's coarseness felts quickly and
smoothly, and minimizes the appearance of needle holes.  

Option 1) Purchase by the pre-selected wool packs - you'll receive 1/3 ounce of
each color at $1.20 each - prices listed per pack depend on the number of colors
included. I've organized them by theme and tone.             
Option 2) Purchase any single color in the following amounts/prices;
$1.20 per 1/3 ounce, $1.75 per 1/2 ounce, or $3.50 per full ounce.
(Please email or call me for these choices and I'll send you an invoice.)
Felting Needles and Foam Work Board
***When buying felting needles you should always buy at least 2 of any kind of
needle.  Having a spare needle on hand after you break one will prevent leaving
projects half finished.  Even better, is to remember NEVER to bend the needle when
poking to avoid breakage.
Needle Assortment pack –  $5

(2) 38 gauge traingle and (2) 40 gauge triangle

This combination gives you the two most
frequently used felting needle sizes.

The size 38 needles are a multi purpose size
and are good for all kinds of wool.

The size 40 needles are perfect for fine, silky
wool (like merino or corriedale) or for doing
finishing work, when you want to minimize
the visibility of holes.
Needle same size multi-pack –  $5

(4) 38 gauge, triangle
(4) 40 gauge, triangle

This is a 4-pack set of either 38 gauge or 40
gauge triangle needles, the most commonly
used needle sizes - your choice.   
2-needle Tool -  $17

This tool is high quality aluminum with a
removable screw top, allowing you to replace the
needles with any size felting needle.
Two multi-purpose 38 gauge needles are included.

This is my favorite tool I use for sculpting and
shaping work like the tree bark on my playscapes
or the waistlines on my dolls.  

Not only does it work twice as quickly as using a
single needle alone, it also allows for a more
comfortable hand grip!
Sage Dream Design
Creative Supplies (Wool, Needles)
Romney Wool Available
For Purchase
Pack A: "Mushroom and Autumn"  - 2 2/3 ounces $9.60  

Orange                  Chestnut Brown
Russet                   White
Cranberry Red       Gold
Moss Green            Autumn Gold
Pack B:  "Rainbow"  2 ounces $7.20

Orange                    Royal Blue
Cranberry Red        Bright Yellow
Royal Purple           Evergreen
Pack C: "Landscaping" 2 1/3 ounces $8.40

Natural Gray              Sage Green
Blue Spruce                Evergreen
Chestnut Brown          Moss Green            
Natural Brown   
Pack D: "Flowers/Garden" 3 ounces $10.80

Evergreen              Lavender
Sage                       Violet/Grape
Pink                       Gold
Wildberry               Bright Yellow
Cerulean Blue
Foam Work Surface
12 x 18 x 2" - $13.00
9 x 12 x 2" - $8.75
6 x 9 x 2" - $3.50

This is a high grade foam that does not degrade
quickly.  The density of the foam allows your
needle to penetrate without resistance and be
removed quickly without slowing down your
felting.  A foam work surface is a must for needle

(This foam is a petroleum product and the price has increased
considerably - sorry - I've had to increase the prices. accordingly)
***Note - needles are $1 a piece if not
buying with a protective plastic tube.  
Needle size;
Cranberry Red



Red Rock

Light Flesh





Royal Purple


Bright Yellow

Light Cream

Natural Gray

Steel Gray
Royal Blue

Sky Blue

Cerulean Blue

Ocean Blue

Navy Blue


Sage Green

Moss Green


Autumn Gold

Blue Spruce

Chestnut Brown


Natural Brown

Pack E: "Hair/Skin" 2 1/3 ounces $8.40

Light Flesh                Autumn Gold
Natural Gray             Black
Chestnut Brown         White
Natural Brown           
Pack F: "Muted Tones" 1 2/3 ounces $6.00

Navy Blue           Sage
Red Rock             Maroon
Light Cream
Pack G: "Stones" 1 1/3 ounces $4.80

Main colors;                 Accent colors (1/9 ounce each);
Natural Fawn              Autumn Gold
Steel Gray                   Navy Blue
Natural Gray               Red Rock
Pack H: "Water" 1 1/3 ounces $4.80

Main colors;                Accent colors (1/9 ounce each);
Cerulean Blue             White
Sky Blue                  Navy Blue
Ocean Blue                  Royal Blue
Pack I: Full Spectrum 10 ounces $36.00

1/3 ounce of each color shown above!
Purchase any single color from those pictured above.
1/3 ounce = $1.20
1 ounce = $3.50
***These photos were shot in sunlight and are a good representation oft
the actual colors.  However, d/t the nature of computer monitors, they
may display somewhat differently on different monitors.
new color - photo