These small treasures are perfect for your loved
ones and special wee folk at home.

All of my toys are made with lots of care,
thoroughness, and attention to detail.  However,
it may still be possible for a small child to tug,
pull or gnaw off pieces of wool if they are
determined.  Some pieces of wool, especially curly
locks, can be fairly sizeable and thus, may pose a
choking hazard, as can some of the stitched bead
or other embellishments if they were removed.  

For safety reasons these toys are
Toys, Gifts, & Treasures
Pet Hamster - $9.50

Does your child want a pet but you worry about the mess
and work?  Well, this little guy is a perfect solution!  Potty
trained, quiet, and not a picky eater, he’ll fit right into any

His body is 100% wool with wool felt ears and his home is a
little wood crate with shredded paper so he can burrow in
and get comfy.   Complete with adoption certificate!

Your critter comes in color choices of gray, white, chestnut
brown, or mixed/calico.  Little hamster measures 2" long.
"Root Child Baby" - $22 - $25 - $28

This 2” baby comes with her own very deluxe
cradle, lined with gorgeous curly wool locks.  
She won't find a comfier bed anywhere!

The swaddled baby is sturdy enough for
rigorous child’s play, but the cradle is suitable
for gentle play as the curly wool could possibly
dislodge if handled too roughly.

Cradle measures approx 3 1/2-4" long.

Available in standard colors; greens, purples,
reds, golds, or blues.

Or, send me an email with your preferences!
Sage Dream Design
"Beginnings"  $14

A felted baby wrapped snuggly inside a blanket and a
wool felt papoose - she is sturdy enough for play or she
can hang from your wall or ceiling by a cradle made of

Approx 2" x 3".  Choose from purple, red, blue, green,
brown, or gold swaddling colors.   (I will choose a
coordinating color for the inner blanket)
*** See Bendy dolls, Fairies, Gnomes, Flutterbyes,
and more on the
Magical Inhabitants page!  
"Gnome House"
$28.00 - $38.00
A freestanding gnome house
perched on it's own 'mini mat' -
complete with a window, chimney,
and a swinging door!  

Available in any color - request a
red apple, a blueberry, a pumpkin,
plum,  peach, etc...
Add some fairies or gnomes from
Magical Inhabitants page!

Available 3" or 5" tall with
corresponding mat size.  
(Use 'add to
cart' button through the shopping cart, then
email me your color choice after you submit
your order!)
"Playful Wizard"   4" tall $25

Here's a wee wizard that's sturdy enough for rigorous
play! He features a thoroughly felted robe with yellow
gold accents along with a wonderful curly beard and
white hair.

Recommended robe colors are purple (pictured), royal
blue, or violet - your choice.
"Gnome Family" - $22.00

Mom, dad, and baby with cradle! Email
me your color preferences...

(approx 3 1/2" tall with 1" baby)
"Nurturing" $18

Nurturing momma cradling her swaddled
baby - the simplicity and beauty of
motherhood.  Felted in one piece, no
removable parts. (Has a loop on the back
to hang her from a wall if you choose).  
About 6" tall

Email me with your color preferences!
Skin color;
"Fairy House"  $34

Fairies also need a place to dwell, a cozy hide-
away to renew after a day of dancing and
tending to nature!   Tap the roof gently and listen
closely… the light jingle of their song you can hear!

Colors listed are suggestions only, email me - I can
accommodate any color choice!

These have very sturdy 'stems' that allow you to hang
from either the ceiling or on the wall. (Note - small
bells are sewn securely inside to indicate a fairy
presence when the house is gently tapped.)

Approx size - 5-6" tall
"Dream Cave" $28
($35 with gnome)

Imagine yourself in a private
retreat, resting and daydreaming
your afternoon away.   You're
nestled inside a soft woolly cave,
covered in decorative roaming

Includes a matching plush
bedroll of wool and a tiny glass
bottle of dream dust.

Approx size 4-5" wide, 3 1/2 " tall
Your "Dream Cave" comes
with a card printed with
the following poem;

Before you sleep,
Whisper softly...
Your hopes, Your dreams.

Let the magic of ‘Believing’
Infuse your slumber, and
Surround your heart.

Hope will follow,
Lithe, but strong,
Replenished, renewed!