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"Golden Sun Mother"

Small (4-5" tall) $35
Large (7" tall) $45

This lovely lady represents the vital
energy of the sun, the force that
radiates light and warmth, giving life
on earth.  

Her dress features a detailed sun
pattern - your choice of a spiral or a
"Autumn Maiden"

Small (4-5" tall) $28
Large (7" tall) $38

This lovely maiden features a blended
array of warm, autumnal colors accented
with wool vines that trail up her dress.

Her hair is a fiery auburn to reflect the
season.  Her arms are bendable, so you or
your child may pose her.  She comes with
a small basket that fits over her arm so
that your child may present her with
treasures collected from nature.

Choose from either 'browns and golds',
'reds and burgundies', or
'greens and golds' color palettes.

(Many other colors are available for
Maidens with a different feel - let me
know what you'd like!)
"Star Keeper"   

Small (4-5" tall) $32
Large (7" tall) $42

This celestial maiden serves as a protector, a
night-time guardian, and a dream dispenser.

Her hands delicately cradle a removable
shooting star.

Since her arms are bendable, you will be able
to pose her in the manner most evocative to
you and your child.  

The base of her dress is a heavenly body of
clouds from which she arises.  

She is available in white with blue accents,
white with purple accents, or white with
pink/rose accents.

Small (4-5" tall) $32
Large (7" tall) $42

This lovely angel is  finely sculpted  
from snow white wool.  She has colored
accent trim around her bodice and down
the front of her dress.

She has lovingly sculpted billowing
sleeves and her arms are bendable so
you may pose her as you and wish.

Her wings have been slightly felted and
left fluffy for an airy look, and they
have just a hint of matching color that
coordinates with her dress.

Available with red, blue, purple, peach,
gold, or green color accents.

(Due to her fine wool robe and wings, she is
best suited for display.)
"Mother Earth with Mini Root Child"

Small (4-5" tall) $32
Large (7-8" tall) $42

Mother Earth stands proud with an exquisite,
beautiful blend of warm color wools in her dress
and matching shawl.  Her shawl may be taken on
and off and she is suitable for gentle play.  

Her infant is super felted to make her strong and
durable for rougher play.

Your child may play with the root baby, taking
him in and out of his cradle.  Fluffy, curly wool
locks line the inside of the bed creating a soft and
inviting nest for the little bundle!

She is available in browns, reds, greens, browns,
or blues with a coordinating colored "root baby".
"Royal Wizard"

Small (5" tall) $40
Large (8" tall) $55

This wizard is a vision of elegance and magic.  He
features long flowing robes (see side photo) that
have 3-dimensional folds and ripples sculpted into
them.  His arms are bendable so he can be posed
in most evocative ways.

His staff is sculpted out of wool over a wire frame,
so it is strong and sturdy.  It’s not attached to his
hand, so your child may remove it and perhaps
make some magic of his own with it.  The top of
the staff features a woolen celestial globe with
gold wire accenting the energy emanating from it.

His beard and hair are of the softest, finest merino
wool giving him just the perfect combination of
elegance and wisdom.  

Recommended colors are either royal blue
(pictured) or violet.

(Due to his fine merino wool robe and hair, he is best
suited for display.)
"St. Nicholas"

Small (5" tall) $40
Large (8" tall) $50

This stately St. Nicholas features a long flowing
robe with 3-dimensional folds and ripples and
puffy sleeves.

His arms are bendable so he can be posed as you
desire. His toy sack is freestanding and features
three removable firmly felted presents, giving
your child a chance to interact with St. Nick.

His beard and hair are of the softest, finest
merino wool making him quite an elegant
gentleman and a great display piece for many
years to come.  

(Due to St. Nick’s fine merino wool robe
and beard, he is best suited for display.
However, his toy sack and coordinating
gifts are sturdy enough for child’s play.)
Sage Dream Design
"Father Winter"

Small (4-5" tall) $35
Large (7-8" tall) $45

Father Winter is tall and dignified in
his winter white and lavender colored
flowing robe.

He holds a sturdy snowflake staff
with which to bring forth Winter and
hosts a removable crown upon his

Available in winter white with mint
green, ice blue, or lavender accents.

(Due to his Father Winter's fine wool
robe, he is best suited for display.)
"Playful Wizard"

4" tall $25

Here's a wee wizard that's
enough for rigorous play
! He features
a thoroughly felted robe with yellow
gold accents along with a wonderful
curly beard and white hair.

Recommended robe colors are purple
(pictured), royal blue, or violet - your
Wool Dolls
Dolls are "made to order",  meaning I custom create
them after you place your order and specify your

The figures are 100% solid wool to their core. Their
arms consist of tightly wound wool with wire inside. -
This allows them to be flexible and change position.

They are firmly constructed so as to be sturdy for gentle
play.  If a doll is not suitable for gentle handling by a
child, it will be noted in it's description.  

All dolls are available with your choice of hair and skin
coloring.  If you see a particular hair color or style you
would like, let me know.

You will notice they don't have faces ~ this is purposeful
and allows your child to fill in their own imagined
details and infuse the dolls with personalities of their

For retail orders, dolls are available to ship within 7
days or sooner of the receipt of your payment.  For
wholesale orders, a mutually decided upon delivery date.
*** Add 3 additional shawls for $9
One each for Spring, Summer, and Winter.
Change her shawls to reflect the changing
Skin color;
Hair color;
Skin color;
Hair color
Skin color;
Hair color;
Robe color;
Skin color;
Skin color
Hair color;
Accent color;
Skin color
Hair color;
Skin color:
Robe color;
Skin color;
Skin color;