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Knitted Plush

Below are samples of my knitted plush.  I will be listing individual items on as they become available for purchase.  Each item is tagged and numbered, guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind!

I do enjoy custom orders so give me a buzz if you want to order your very own "sweet knitling". 


Gnarly Gnobby Gnomes

Gnarly Gnobby Gnomes are magical creatures who live in the gnarls of the Gnorwood trees, far, faraway in the land of Gnibbentweed.

Both quick and nimble, their greatest joy is traveling to our world, collecting the lost and abandoned creative thoughts we carelessly leave behind as we "grow up" and mature while attending to life's everyday demands.

Gathering and sweeping them up with tail, they condense and transform these fragments into magical crystal gems. 

Mini Gnobbies are approximately 4" tall and are great to hang.  Large Gnarly Gnobbies are anywhere from 5" to 10" tall and have arms and feet. All Gnarly Gnobbies come with a crystal gem and story card, are numbered and tagged, and have an optional adoption certificate. 

Woolly Puffs

Woolly Puffs are quiet, watchful critters. Sometimes a little bashful, they're always loyal and sweet - please show them kindness.

Filled with warmth and tenderness, befriend one, let him or her become  your companion.  They will stand guard for you; absorbing discord and infusing all around them with feelings of harmony and joy. 

The small ones are approximately 2 1/2" tall and the large ones are 4 1/2". The large ones all have fuzzy tummies and a strap on the back which can hold a mini Woolly Puff, act as a handle for a child to hold, or even hold pens on your desk!

They are all tagged and numbered and come with a story card and optional adoption certificate. 


Fuzzy Truffles

Fuzzy Truffle lives in a little stone house by a deep, blue stream. 


Truffles are fuzzy, warm creatures that are almost always happy.  The happier they are, the fuzzier they get! 


Their favorite things to do are eat strawberries, blow soap bubbles, and daydream.  Think about the many adventures yours can experience!

All Truffles are tagged and numbered, come with a story card and an optional adoption certificate.

Garden Wibbles & Wobbles

There's a land of Wubbles who love and treasure their gardens. They are industrious and happy critters that sustain and nurture their flowers.


Wibbles summon the rain and Wobbles summon the sun.  Bring one into your world and beautiful blossoms will come!

All Wubbles come tagged and numbered with an optional adoption certificate.

(Photos to come)

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