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Wool Playlands

What are Playscapes?

Lush, soft, colorful, wool playlands to nourish the imagination!

Imaginative dwellings for fairy folk, gnomes, animals, and a world of magical inhabitants!

A "jumping off" point, a framework, to kick start the creation of many fantastical stories.  I believe each child's world would be a wonder to see!

All elements are both sewn and felted to the base mat for security, allowing for rigorous play.

All playscapes come with 2 wire "bendy gnomes".


"Mini" mats measure approximately 12" x 9" and are more appropriate for dolls and gnomes 2-3" tall.

"Regular" sized mats measure approximately 14" x 11" and are more appropriate for dolls and gnomes 3-5" tall.

To purchase items, go to "Buy Now" page.


"Regular" - $110.00

"Mini" - $75.00

                Fairytale Tree


This majestic tree makes for a truly magical centerpiece to your table.  It is bright, colorful, earthy, and ethereal, all at the same time.  The felted earth is firm and sturdy with an array of vines, flowers, and mushrooms and is an inviting place to add treasures from the garden.  The leaf canopy is soft and delicate, giving the piece a fairy tale look and feel. 

The permanent leaf canopy is gently wound fleece and isn't suitable for play by little ones.  I suggest directing the attentions of little children to the earthy ground with the firmly felted stones and mushrooms. 

This tree can serve as a year round base for your nature table and a great repository for all of those acorns, stones, shells, and flowers that make their way in from the garden.  Included are wools of rust, red, orange, and white to layer over the foliage to represent Autumn and Winter.  It's a wonderful way to cultivate awareness of the seasons for children.

         Mushroom Forest

This playscape hosts a plethora of toadstools, a cave for a cozy shelter, and a winding river with a fallen leaf.  In the regular size, the largest mushroom stands 7" tall and cave is about 6" in size with lots of vines crawling up its walls.  

Includes a campfire. 


"Regular" - $135.00

"Mini" - $90.00


     Where The Root Children Sleep

A forest tree playhouse!

This home is constructed completely from wool with a felt foundation - no hidden armatures or wire.  Weighing in at over one pound, the structure is soft and flexible, yet sturdy enough to hold up to all sorts of active play.

The inside of the trunk is the perfect place for gnomes and dolls to sleep away the long winter, features a 2nd doorway in the back.  The top is removable and features large mushrooms, a great place to play!

You can insert a nightlight bulb or flameless candle to promote cozy, night time play.  Includes a campfire.

The "mini" stump measures approximately 9" in diameter and 12" tall.

The "regular" stump measures approximately 13" in diameter and 16" tall. 

"Regular - $160.00

"Mini" - $110.00

   Pumpkin/Apple House

A little family has turned this pumpkin (or apple) into a cozy home, complete with a functioning door and a window to peek through.

This playscape features a wishing well with a bucket to draw water, a towering evergreen tree, a swing set, lazy creek, and a fairy ring!


"Regular" - $155.00

"Mini" - $95.00


  Mushroom Fantasy Look-out

A truly fun-gal experience!. This giant toadstool features 2 outcroppings at the base of the stem that a crafty gnome has turned into a home - large enough for a family to inhabit.  Features 2 perches above for which to play or nap.

The surrounding area includes a long and lazy river that flows from the front of the land to the back, then to the front again.  Comes complete with stones, foliage, and an array of mushrooms to color their world. 

Notice the stone steps placed between the two rooms that lead the gnomes up to the patio.  

              Secret Passage

This playscape features 2 large caves joined together with a passage way for secret visits. 

The caves are roomy enough for an entire neighborhood of critters, gnomes, or fairies to inhabit! (approximately 7-8" tall in regular size) Includes both a side and rear entrance.  Also features a river, a campfire, and a pond (can substitute a vegetable garden or fairy ring in the same space).  


"Regular" - $135.00

"Mini" - $90.00


side entrance >


< secret rear entrance

"Regular" - $135.00

"Mini" - $90.00


          Fairy Meadowland

A playscape with rolling hills - these gnomes have a cozy house to shelter them from the prairie winds!  

the house is open on both ends for easy access during play and is nestled among the hill alongside a lazy river.

Playscape includes a campfire and a firmly attached swing.  Feel free to customize the color of your house and mushrooms.  (House stands approximately 5-6" tall for a regular size mat.)

"Regular" - $135.00

"Mini" - 90.00

          Gnome Homestead

Welcome home!  A cave has been fashioned into a cozy home and the industrious resident has even planted his own vegetable garden.

The house is roomy enough inside for a whole family of gnomes, fairies, and friends.  There's a side window to peek through and a chimney on the rooftop completes the rustic feel.

The lush, curly wool locks on the roof make a soft, wonderful place to lounge and play!  (You can choose your color of locks; blue, green, gray, etc...) 

The playscape features a pond, a vegetable garden, a basket of vegetables, and a hoe for tilling the soil.

"Regular" - $135.00

"Mini" - $90.00


         A Day At The Lake

A private lakeside.  Comes with a leaf boat or a canoe (your choice) for lazing about and a fishing pole with a fish already on the line! 


Pond for regular size mat is about 6-7" diameter and is 3-4" wide for mini size. 

"Regular" - $28.00

"Mini" - $18.00

           Fallen Branch

Lucky gnomes have found a cozy home and play space inside a hollow log!  

Playscape also features a giant mushroom with a ladder, a leaf shelter, and a lazy creek.


"Regular" - $135.00

"Mini" - $90.00


       'Neath The Sheltering                Mushroom

A group of gnomes have found a giant mushroom to play on, complete with a friendly ladybug!

Playscape also includes a small cave, a river, a crocheted hammock, a campfire, and a tire swing!

Mushroom cap available in red or tan.


"Regular" - $135.00

"Mini" - $90.00


  Treehouse Party Pavilion

A treehouse in the literal sense!  At the base of this stately tree, there's a lovely little cottage home with curly green wool lining the entrance.  This home is complete with a rooftop patio ideal for parties and gatherings with friends. 

Features a stepping stone walkway that leads up to the patio.  Flowerey vines grow up the side of the tree and 2 little ducks swim nearby on the pond.  

Note; The foliage on the tree is loose wool and can be pulled off.  Direct little ones attentions to the rest of the mat.  

"Regular" - $135.00

"Mini" - $90.00



***Add to the fun!!!

Below are items that can be added to any playscape for a small additional cost to retail customers only.  

All accessories will be appropriately scaled to size depending on your order. 

Please read the description of the playscape you've chosen - it may already feature one of the accessories below!

 Fairy Ring of Vegetable Garden

These can either be felted directly to the mat or as a separate piece. 



                   Wishing Well

Made of felted wool with wool covered wire for the support beams.   Can either be felted directly onto the mat or as a separate piece. 



                       Fairy Dust

A small vial of magical fairy dust!  The little glass bottle is filled with glitter and sealed with wax.  Send me a note on what color you'd like.




A campfire to warm the chilly days - sturdy stones and bright flame!  Felted as a separate piece.




A crocheted hammock for lazy days!

Supports are made of wool wrapped wire and the netting is made of cotton thread.



            Leaf Boat/Canoe

Add a boat in the shape of a leaf with a felt sail or a sturdy little felt canoe.



      Swing Set / Tire Swing

For extra fun, add a swing to your playscape!  Choose either a traditional swing set or a tire swing.



Camping Tent

Add a felt camping tent that's roomy enough for 1 large gnome or 2 small gnomes


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