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Waldorf Dolls

Felt Wool Dolls for Display

Dolls are "made to order", meaning I custom create them after you place your order and specify your requests. 

All dolls are available with your choice of hair and skin coloring.  If you see a particular hair color or style you like, let me know. 

The figures are 100% solid wool to their core.  Their arms are made of tightly wool wound wire.  This allows them to be flexible and change position. 

These dolls are "waldorf-inspired" - they don't have faces.  This is purposeful and allows your child to fill in their own imagined details and infuse the dolls with personalities and emotions of their choice.

For retail orders, dolls are available to ship within 7 days.  For wholesale orders, we'll discuss a mutually decided delivery date.

                 Royal Wizard

This wizard is a vision of elegance and magic!  He features long flowing robes that have 3 dimensional folds and ripples.  His arms are bendable and can be positioned how you like.

His staff is sculpted out of wool wrapped wire and is strong and sturdy.  It's not attached to his hand, so your child can remove it and perhaps make some of his own magic.  The top of the staff features a woolen celestial globe with gold wire.  Available in royal blue or royal purple.

His beard and hair are of the softest, finest wool and need to be handled with care. 

Approximately 8" tall.



                 Sun Maiden

This lovely lady represents the vital energy of the sun, the force that radiates light and warmth, giving life on earth. 

Her dress features a detailed sun pattern; your choice of spiral or sunburst.  Approximately 7" tall.


Mother Earth with Mini Root Child

Mother Earth stands proud with an exquisite, beautiful blend of color in her dress and matching shawl.  

Her baby is super felted to make her strong and durable and can be removed from the cradle for rougher play.  The cradle is lined with fluffy, curly locks, creating a soft and inviting nest for the little bundle.  

She is available in browns, reds, greens, or blues with a coordinating colored "Root Baby".  Approximately 7" tall.


                Root Baby

This 2" baby comes with her own deluxe woolen cradle. She won't find a comfier bed anywhere!

The swaddled baby is very firmly felted enough for rigorous play.  The cradle is lined with lush curly locks.  (I sew down each, but it's possible that a very determined little one could pull one out.)

Available as single, twins, or triplets!

The cradle is approximately 4" long for the single baby.

Single - $15.00

Twins - $19.00

Triplets - $22.00

               Playful Wizard

Here's a wee wizard sturdy enough for play, not just display.  He features a thoroughly felted robe with yellow gold swirls, a curly beard, and white hair.

Approximately 4" tall.  Recommended robe colors are royal blue or purple.



            Autumn Maiden

This lovely maiden features a blended array of warm colors accented with curl wool vines that trail up her dress.

She is firmly felted and has wool wrapped wire arms so they're positionable.  She comes with a little basket.

Approximately 7" tall



                Saint Nicholas

This stately St. Nick features a lightly felted long, flowing robe with 3 dimensional folds and puffy sleeves.   

Comes with a freestanding sack full of presents!   His beard and hair are of the softest wool making him quite an elegant gentleman and a great display piece.

Measures approximately 8" tall.




This lovely angel is sculpted from fine, white wool.  She has colored accent trim around her bodice and the front of her dress.

She has lovingly sculped billowing sleeves and bendable arms made from wool wrapped wire.

Her wings have been only slightly felted and left fluffy for an airy look.  They have just a hint of color that matches the trim on her dress

Approximately 7" tall.


                 Star Keeper

This celestial maiden serves as a protector, a night-time guardian, and a dream dispenser.

Her hands cradle a removable shooting star.  Her arms are wool wrapped wire so they're bendable.  

She is available in white with either blue, purple, or pink/rose accents.

Approximately 7-8" tall.



                Father Winter

Father Winter is dignified with a sturdy snowflake staff and a removable crown on his head.

His coat is made of lightly felted fine white wool with 3 dimensional folds and his arms are made with wool wrapped wire so they're positionable.  He makes a great display piece.

Available in white with mint green, ice blue, or lavender accents and staff.

Approximately 8-9" tall.


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